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Product Name:XERADEX XIS Excimer ultraviolet irradiation systems
Product Code:3
Product description:

Areas of application 
  • Removing organic residue
  • Etching plastic surfaces
  • Activating wafer surfaces
  • Setting of wetting angle
  • Removing photo resist
  • Creating a matt surface on lacquer
  • Photocatalytic cleaning of wafers
  • Cleaning of photo masks
Product features 
  • Aluminum housing with reflector (XTU 70)
  • Stainless steel housing with reflectors (XIS 170)
  • Front panel
  • Window opening: 70 x 120 mm (XTU 70), 170 x 170 mm (XIS 170)
Equipment / Accessories 
  • Equipped with excimer  radiator XERADEX L40/120/SB-SX46/85 (XTU 70)
  • Equipped with two excimer radiators XERADEX L40/175/SB-S45/95 (XIS 170)
  • Equipped with one electronic control gear DBD 20 (XTU 70)
  • Equipped with two electronic control gears DBD 20 (XIS 170)

Safety advice
XERADEX lamps produce extremely intensive UV radiation that is heavily absorbed by oxygen. Ozone is produced as a result. Adequate ventilation must be provided during their operation. The lamp should be operated only in air-tight housings.
XERADEX lamps are operated at high voltage and may only be connected to original DBD control gear. Never connect it to any other control gear. 

3-XERADEX XIS Excimer ultraviolet irradiation systems
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