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Product Name:DBD ECG for XERADEX Excimer ultraviolet lamps
Product Code:4
Product description:

Product benefits 
  • Control and switching of the output can be remote controlled (DBD 300)
Product features 
  • DBD electronic control gear is designed exclusively for operating XERADEX lamps.
  • Display: PLC control (DBD 20/110-240)
  • Input values AC: 110…240 V (DBD 20/110-240)
  • Output value: high voltage (DBD 20/110-240)
  • Line frequency: 50 | 60 Hz (DBD 20/110-240)
  • System wattage: 30 W (DBD 20/110-240)
  • Ambient temperature: 0…40 °C (DBD 20/110-240)
  • Length of connecting  cable: 500 mm (DBD 20/110-240)
Equipment / Accessories 
  • Suitable for all XERADEX 20 W radiators (DBD 20/110-240)
  • Suitable for all XERADEX lamps with a radiant length of 375…910 mm (DBD 300/110…240 DIM)

Safety advice
These electronic control gears may only be used to operate XERADEX lamps. Only the appropriate approved ECG may be connected to the relevant lamp. For detailed information see the operating instructions for the various products. 

4-DBD ECG for XERADEX Excimer ultraviolet lamps
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