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Product Name:High-voltage krypton longlife lamps, road traffic
Product Code:9
Product description:

Product benefits 
  • Increased life time compared to existing high-voltage krypton signal lamps
  • Fits existing high-voltage signal installations without upgrades or adjustments
  • Max. premature failure rate: 2 % up to 6,000 h (related to lamp failures only)
Areas of application 
  • Road traffic signalling systems
Product features 
  • Long average lamp life time: 14,000 h
  • Maintenance intervals up to one year possible (depending on installation)

Safety advice
Use only in  equipment/luminaires that are specially designed for the purpose.
Protect the lamps against moisture during operation and installation.

Legal advice
Meet luminous intensity requirements of DIN EN 12368 (depending on installation)

9-High-voltage krypton longlife lamps, road traffic
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