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Product Name:XBO Xenon short-arc lamps 450…10,000 W
Product Code:3
Product description:

Product benefits 
  • Very high luminance (point light source)
  • Continual color quality, irrespective of lamp type and lamp wattage
  • Long lamp life
Areas of application 
  • Classic 35 mm film projection
  • Digital film and video projection
  • Architectural and effect light ("Light Finger”)
  • Sunlight simulation
Product features 
  • Color temperature: approx. 6,000 K (Daylight)
  • Dimmable
  • Hot restart capability
  • DC operation
  • High color rendering index: R> 96

The cold internal  pressure of the lamp is approx. 8 bar of Xenon, the lamp must first be depressurized before it can be disposed. Place the lamp – in its protective jacket – in a plastic bag and drop it from a height of 1.0…1.5 m onto a hard surface (e.g. concrete).

3-XBO Xenon short-arc lamps 450…10,000 W
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