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Product Name:THERATHERM Infrared lamps
Product Code:6
Product description:

Product benefits 
  • Instantly emit full thermal output as soon as switched on
  • Pleasant and even glow thanks to pigmented red filter
  • Optimum deep-acting effect thanks to bundling with internal parabolic reflector
  • Lamps with red bulb crown effectively reduces the visible light component
  • Little or no risk of local overheating if placed at least 50 cm away
  • Create a warm cosy atmosphere
Areas of application 
  • Body care
  • Wellness
  • Cosmetic beauty treatment
  • Relaxation  zones in swimming pools or saunas
  • Domestic wellness treatments
Product features 
  • Dominant radiation wavelength: 1,100 nm

6-THERATHERM Infrared lamps
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